Sons channel on LegionTown

What is your squadron doing? You can post about it!

Here are the rules and criteria to follow:

  1. Post a photo and a brief paragraph, 2-4 sentences about your picture and event
  2. To be effective, you should include, but not be limited to the following:
    ● Squadron #, Detachment of….
    ● The number of participants, the names of members
    ● Money raised and what for
    ● What did your squadron or detachment do
    ● Who hosted it, who are you honoring, etc.
  3. Submitted content will not be post immediately.
    ● There will be a brief delay as all content must be reviewed and vetted by national staff first.
    ● Inappropriate content will be flagged and reported to your detachment or any other applicable authority.
  4. Some hints when you are taking pictures especially when using your camera phone.
    ● Set your camera to the highest quality setting
    ● If there is a lot of nothing around the subject (floor, ceiling, sky) in your photo… ZOOM IN!
    ●The subject of your photo should fill almost the whole frame (like you would a selfie)
    ● Make sure your pictures are clear and in focus.

Be sure to let us know when your submission has been posted! Drop us a line at