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Squadron Membership Awards Taken from the membership transmitted and processed through June 1st

Jack Key Plaque: This plaque goes to the First Squadron to reach 110 % of its previous year’s membership. The previous year’s total is based on the amount turned in by the close of the Annual Convention.

Armin Tews Plaque: This award goes to the squadron that has attained the greatest percent increase in membership, over the last year by June 1st.

Other Squadron Awards:

Robert Wilcox Plaque for Best Americanism Program

Raymond Faust Plaque for Best Blood Program

Lillian Priest Plaque for Best Children and Youth Program

Mary Ann Nelson (M.A.N.) Plaque for Best Community Service Program

Thomas A. Knox Plaque for Best Rehabilitation Program

Dale E Daily Plaque for Highest Amount Per Capita to the A.L.F. Dogs Program

Don Priest Plaque for Best Overall programs and activities, based on Annual Reports

Dillman Plaque: This award goes to the squadron that has submitted the best Squadron History Book.

Commander’s Project Plaque: This award goes to the squadron that has made the greatest contribution per capita to the Commander’s Project.

Individual Award Information & Nomination Forms

Dennis F. Stockfisch Meritorious Service Award: Awarded to the S.A.L. member who has shown outstanding leadership and devoted service to the Sons of The American Legion organization. This is the highest honor a member can receive. See “requirements” document for details.

DFS Meritorious Service Award Nomination

DFS Meritorious Service Award Requirements

Membership Recruitment Awards: “I Got One” pin: awarded for recruiting a new SAL member.
I Got One Form

“V” attachment for “I Got One” pin: awarded upon recruitment of five new SAL members

“X” attachment for “I Got One” pin: awarded upon recruitment of ten new SAL members

V and X Attachment Form

John E. Webster Membership Service Award: State award for member who obtains the most new or re-instated members over the last year, as of May 31st.
Webster Membership Service Award

Individual Recruitment Award (IRA): To qualify for an IRA pin, recruit five (5) new members into the Sons of The American Legion. A new member is defined as any eligible Sons member joining for the current membership year who was NOT a member of the Sons of The American Legion during the previous membership year. Transfers do not count as new members. Fill out this form and for Wisconsin members send it to the Central Region chairman listed on the form. Please send a copy to the Detachment Adjutant so we can consider you for recruiter of the year award.
Individual Recruitment Award

National Blue Brigade: Blue Jacket awarded to members who have enrolled 30 or more new members within the past year.
National Blue Brigade

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