Gold Star Families

“Courageous Americans of every generation have given their last full measure of devotion in defense of our country and our freedom.  The families who stood alongside these heroes have paid a price no family should ever have to pay.  Gold Star Mother’s and Family’s Day is a solemn reminder that these families ‑‑ the families of our fallen service members ‑‑ bear the burden of their loss forever.

A century ago, President Woodrow Wilson approved a recommendation by the Women’s Committee of National Defenses for mothers to display a gold star on an armband of black cloth to enhance public recognition for the loss of their children in World War I.  Since then, millions of families have tragically traded in blue stars for heroes fighting for America for gold stars of the fallen ‑‑ a badge of honor they wished they would never have to hold.

Although they have suffered unimaginable sorrow, Gold Star families have charged forward with inspiring strength and determination, giving selflessly to their communities and our country.  They support our men and women in uniform, our wounded warriors, and our veterans.  Their unselfish leadership fosters patriotism and encourages us to consider what we can do to be better citizens.

We will never forget those who nobly gave their lives in service to our country.  Today, we pay tribute to these brave men and women in uniform by honoring the mothers, fathers, wives, husbands, brothers, sisters, sons, and daughters who have wounds in their hearts that will never be fully healed.  We will continue to support them as they supported our country by selflessly sharing their loved ones for the noble cause of freedom.  Let us pledge our deep and everlasting respect and gratitude to our Gold Star families.”

President Donald J. Trump, September 28, 2018

Gold Star Mother’s/Family’s Day honors mothers and families who have lost a service member in combat. The name comes from the custom of families hanging Service Flags in the window of their homes. The Service Flag has a star for each family member in the armed forces. A blue star represents a family member in active service, a silver star represents a family member wounded or injured in a war zone and a gold star represents a family member killed during active-duty and stands for sacrifice made for honor and freedom. The American Gold Star Mothers, Inc. was founded shortly after World War 1 by Grace Darling Seibold, who lost her son, George Vaughn Seibold, during the war. Gold Star Mothers are often socially active, but are non-political. Gold Star Mother’s Day was designated by Congress on June 23, 1936. In September 2012, President Barack Obama rededicated the last Sunday in Sept as “Gold Star Mother’s and Family’s Day.”