2018-10-26 Team 100, Election Reminder, Sons on Legiontown
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Team 100, Election Reminder, Sons on Legiontown

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Get your Team 100 Pin!

New for 2019 membership year!

Sign up three (3) new members and get this lapel pin from National Commander Greg “Doc” Gibbs.  Use the individual recruitment award form Although the form says it is for five or more new members, you can still use this for getting “Doc’s” pin. 

If you do get five (5) or more new members, you can then get the individual recruitment award.

Other membership awards can be found at wisal.org/resources/#IndividualAwards


Important Election Reminder

As we near the November 6th election date, an important reminder about being non-partisan when representing the Legion Family.  This pertains to Sons of The American Legion members and squadrons as well.

According to Article II, Section 2, of the Constitution of The American Legion, “The American Legion shall be absolutely nonpolitical and shall not be used for the dissemination of partisan principles nor for the promotion of the candidacy of any person seeking public office or preferment.” The National Charter, approved by Congress, also stipulates The American Legion as an organization is nonpolitical* which has been interpreted by the National Judge Advocate as “nonpartisan” in modern lingo. Therefore, The American Legion as an organization is prohibited from contributing, helping or endorsing a candidate. However, a member, as a private citizen, and not representing the organization, can employ whatever legal and ethical means to advance his or her candidate.

The Legion or Sons cap is considered the official Legion uniform (see p. 42 of The American Legion Officers Guide and Manual of Ceremonies). It is not an individual Legion member’s decision on the appropriate usage of the cap and emblem. If attending a political event, The American Legion cap, or any clothing with the emblem visible, should be removed so as not to imply endorsement by The American Legion or S.A.L. The problem is the assumption of endorsement by those who see the emblem or name worn at in improper location, such as a partisan rally.

When using post facilities to host candidates, post should remove the emblem and Legion flag to avoid any impression of endorsements. Candidates for all parties must be presented equal opportunity at the same time to use the facilities on the same terms and conditions as other competing candidates.

If financial contributions are offered by candidates for political office, campaigns, political action committees or political parties, The American Legion should politely decline. Accepting these contributions may be perfectly legal, but The American Legion must avoid any perception of supporting any candidate or political party.

The American Legion values its independence and effectiveness on veterans’ issues. This stance is best maintained by neutrality on individual candidates or political parties. The American Legion by legal definition is non-partisan and supports only issues which impact your Four Pillars.

* This means “non-partisan” in today’s society. The American Legion is allowed by Congress to lobby for veteran’s benefits and a strong United States of America. (NJA, October 25, 2012)



Sons channel on LegionTown

What is your squadron doing? You can post about it www.legiontown.org/sons!

Here are the rules and criteria to follow:

  1. Post a photo and a brief paragraph, 2-4 sentences about your picture and event
  2. To be effective, you should include, but not be limited to the following:
    ● Squadron #, Detachment of….
    ● The number of participants, the names of members
    ● Money raised and what for
    ● What did your squadron or detachment do
    ● Who hosted it, who are you honoring, etc.
  3. Submitted content will not be post immediately.
    ● There will be a brief delay as all content must be reviewed and vetted by national staff first.
    ● Inappropriate content will be flagged and reported to your detachment or any other applicable authority.
  4. Some hints when you are taking pictures especially when using your camera phone.
    ● Set your camera to the highest quality setting
    ● If there is a lot of nothing around the subject (floor, ceiling, sky) in your photo… ZOOM IN!
    ●The subject of your photo should fill almost the whole frame (like you would a selfie)
    ● Make sure your pictures are clear and in focus.

Be sure to let us know when your submission has been posted! Drop us a line at info@wisal.org.



Our Goals for 2018-2019

Detachment Commander Sherman outlined our goals for 2017-2018.  These goals are going to require all of us to work together to achieve them.
  • Be 100% in Membership by Veteran's Day
  • 105% Membership total.
  • Retain 85% or more of our current members.
  • Charter or reactivate 5 squadrons
  • Raise $1.00 per member for the Child Welfare Foundation
  • Raise $1.00 per member for the GI Josh Dog Program
  • Continue to support our veterans, and our communities
Commander Sherman has every confidence in us to do this!

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