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It was great to see so many people honoring our Veterans by attending the Veteran’s Day events and parades.  It was also great to see Sons of The American Legion caps on the news when they panned the crowds.  Keep up the great public relations; wear your S.A.L caps, shirts and coats wherever you go.

In Wisconsin when we take on a challenge we play to win, the latest national membership report keeps us in the lead, FIRST Place in the Central Region and 7th in the Nation!  Our lead on Minnesota dropped to 1 percent, sure they will be massaging the numbers again, so using the Henkemeyer Method of Creative thought; we are also in 1st place for Detachments with 2000-4500 members.  With that said, we still need your help, because when you are number one everyone is gunning for you.  Central Region also need your help as we are scraping bottom for the 5 regions and National Vice Commander Pat Gryskiewicz has promised us a great reward if he is able to lead us to the finish line in first place.

The 2011 Membership Report for Veterans Day November 11,  is on our web site, under Membership Reports.

 Michael Lawler, Detachment Adjutant

A son by birth, a member of the SONS by choice.

Squadrons on the Bubble

GOOSE EGG SQUADRONS! We still have twenty eight squadrons reporting ZERO membership for 2011.  National has sent out delinquent postcards to your members who do not show paid for 2011, reminding them to contact the squadron. Are you holding membership?  Do you need help? Contact your vice commander or me at 608-795-4345 or, LEAVE A MESSAGE and PHONE Number, most of our officers have a day job in addition to the volunteer hours we put in for the SONS.

Adjutants Update

We mailed the November Adjutant’s Update on Veterans Day it should arrive shortly.  Mailed to your squadron primary contact as listed on our Squadron Information Form, the Adjutants Update is information your squadron needs to operate, make sure your squadron is informed and active.  You can view the Adjutant’s Update online at,

Adjutants Update
11-11-2010 Page 1
11-11-2010 Page 2

100 Percent by Veterans Day Challenge:

Commander Severson set Veterans Day as the 100 percent challenge goal, if you met the challenge, the Detachment will donate to the National Emergency Fund NEF, in your squadrons name.  In addition, the Commander Severson named the National Emergency Fund as his project and encourages each squadron to donate $1.00 per member. Once you achieve the dollar per capita milestone you will receive a banner for your squadron and an letter from the National Commander Jimmy Foster, to commemorate the event.   

434 Oak Creek 162% 
155 Westby 106% 
18 Milwaukee 106%
70 Oshkosh 106% 
537 Harold Todd 104% 
220 Soldiers Grove 103% 
245 Cross Plains 102% 
59 Stoughton 100% 
71 Pewaukee 100% 
84 Monroe 100%
138 Viroqua 100% 
172 North Freedom 100% 
180 Bay View 100% 
313 Black Earth 100% 
385 Verona 100% 
444 FD Roosevelt 100%

Our sincere thanks to these 16 squadrons who answered the challenge, your dedication is commendable.

The American Legion National Emergency Fund “NEF”

Commander Serverson named The American Legion National Emergency Fund “NEF”  as his Commander Project, his goal is to raise $3000.00 for NEF, one dollar at a time, your Squadron could win the Crystal Commanders Plaque by donating the highest per capita and all squadrons who donate $1.00 per member will be acknowledged with a ribbon.

The National Emergency Fund has provided over $6,000,000 in direct financial assistance to Legion family members and posts. The National Emergency Fund has kept posts from closing and enabled Legion family members to begin to rebuild their homes and their lives.

National Emergency Fund donations can be made to NEF and mailed to the Detachment Finance Officer. Dennis Stockfisch N56W18346 Evergreen Ln, Menomonee Falls WI 53051, this helps us record the squadrons who donate and helps you get credit for the donation. 

Visit their web site for more information 

$1000.00 Detachment Scholarship

$1000.00 Scholarship For Sons

The "Wisconsin Sons of The American Legion Scholarship." Applications Due April 1st 2011

The amount of this scholarship is payable in two payments of $ 500.00 to the school upon verification of recipients actual enrollment at the institution.


The recipient must be a current member, in good standing, of the Sons of The American Legion, Detachment of Wisconsin, with no less than (3) three consecutive years of membership.


The applicant MUST be in his LAST year of HIGH SCHOOL when applying or within one year after graduation from high school.


Applications MUST be received at Detachment Headquarters, no later than April 1st of each year, in which it is to be awarded.


The following factors will be used in selecting the recipient.

a) Scholastic Record

b) Contributions to School and Community

c) Squadron Involvement

d) 100+ word Essay

e) Financial Need


The application is available from Department Headquarters, 608-745-1090 or from the Sons of The American Legion web site,

 Application Page 1(17kb PDF)

Application Page 2 (13kb PDF)

Application Page 3 (11kb PDF)

Scholarship Rules (17kb PDF)

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You are Invited to the Midwinter Conference January 21-23 2011 Book Your Room Now



Ho Chunk Wisconsin Dells: There is something for everyone; this is when your Detachment committee/commissions and executive body meet.  We also have educational opportunities, and social events.

Training Opportunities Abound: We will be hosting the 1st Annual S.A.L.101 educational training for Squadrons, new and old alike. The American Legion also invites the Sons to attend Training Sessions at Midwinter Saturday January 22, 2011.  You will want to bring all of your squadron officers and members, as there is a training opportunity for everyone.

Family Fun at Midwinter:  Bring the whole family.  The Ho-Chunk hotel has a Pool and Hot Tub area, along with a Kids Quest area that offers supervised hourly childcare.  The Kids Quest area has an indoor playground, infant and toddler area, video and arcade area, karaoke stage and more.  Mt. Olympus Water Park will be offering day passes to their indoor water park with free shuttle rides compliments of Ho-Chunk Hotel & Conference Center. 


Midwinter Conference January 21-22-23, 2011

Race Report:,

Where is your District, out in the lead or back in pit row?  Fourth District holds fast to the lead, with Third District in hot pursuit, are you in the race?

1.  Fourth District 96.18%                   
2.  Third District 84.48%
3.  Fifth District 75.86%     
4.   Eleventh District 67.65%              
5.  Twelfth District 56.34% 
6.   Sixth District 51.61%     
7.   Seventh District 45.70%
8.   First District 40.43%   
9.   Eighth District 35.42%      
10. Tenth District 29.55%
11. Second District 26.68% 
12. Ninth District 25.70%                      

S.A.L. 101, Get to Know Your Sons

For your continuing education, we are presenting S.A.L. 101, Saturday morning at the Midwinter Conference.  We will have sessions on how to run your squadron, including the history and value of the Sons, what your squadron should be doing,  how to operate your Finances, how and when to submit your reports and forms, what awards and rewards you can get, and an overview of programs and donations your squadron should be involved in.   You are never too young or too old to learn.


We are looking for Squadron input to make this a success, send us your suggestions, questions you would like answered, and we will try to fit them into the program. Mail to S.A.L. 101, PO Box 388 Portage, WI 53901

Announce Your Candidacy at Midwinter:

Hard to believe we are already starting the campaign for 2011-2012.  Now is the time of the year for all Squadrons to send their qualified candidates to start their campaign for Detachment Offices. We encourage candidates to announce their intentions at the Midwinter Conference, for the following positions: Detachment Commander, Vice Commanders, Finance Officer, Chaplain, and Sergeant-at-Arms.

If you or your fellow members would like to work at the Detachment level, come to the Midwinter Conference.

Detachment Commander

When you decide to run for Commander or for any other office, it is encouraged that you have a Resolution or letter of support from your Squadron, Post, Unit, County and District.

 As a candidate, you should be prepared to address the Convention and present your plan of action for the year.  Items to include


  • Your goals, (membership, donations to CWF, CAMP, NEF, Etc)
  • Your Commanders Project
  • Appointments (make sure you ask people in advance)
    • Adjutant, Judge Advocate, Historian, Editor, Committee and Commission Chairmen and members.

You should be actively recruiting members to run for offices, like Vice Commander, Finance Officer, Chaplain, Sergeant at Arms. If elected these will make up your officers and will contribute to the success of your year. It is ok to recruit the current officers to run for reelection. Duties of the Commander are listed.

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Vice Commanders

You are the Commander's work crew, you and the District Chairmen will contact all of the Squadrons in your Districts monthly and keep them informed of membership deadlines and donation goals. You will send business letters, emails and make phone calls. You will provide praise for a job well done and encouragement to achieve the goals and deadlines.  You will present awards at Squadron meetings, and address the Legion on occasion.

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District Chairmen

The commander appoints these positions. You will be a nonvoting member of the Detachment Executive Committee. Your primary function is to assist, report and stay in contact with your appropriate assigned vice commander for your District, relaying information to him on how your district squadrons are functioning or requesting of him how the Detachment of Wisconsin can better serve our Squadrons. You will work with your District appointed S.A.L. Chairman.

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Detachment Officers Should Attend These Events

Being a Detachment officer requires a commitment, in addition to your regular duties, you will be asked to attend many functions.  While we understand that you would not necessarily be able to attend all of them, you should be prepared to attend most of them.  Below is a list of events. 

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Regional Standings

Southern Region, Camille A. LeJeune, Jr. (LA) 44.082%
Mid-Western Region, Dr. Jerry L. Leopold (KS) 37.249%
Western Region, Mark J. Cohen (ID) 35.487%
Central Region, Patrick N. Gryskiewicz (WI) 32.832%
Eastern Region, Joseph W. Gladden (MD) 28.519%

(Central Region) Patrick N. Gryskiewicz (WI)









































State Legion Bowling Tournament March 5-May 5

84th Annual 
Wisconsin State American Legion Bowling Tournament
 March 5, 2011 Closes:  May 1, 2011

Sponsored by 
American Legion George Washington Bay View Post 180
2860 South Kinnickinnic Avenue
Bay View, Wisconsin 53207

NOTE: No Bowling Easter Weekend.  Bowling scores will be posted at

Sons of the American Legion - Detachment of Wisconsin