Our Programs and Impact

As the Sons of The American Legion Detachment of Wisconsin, our mission is to support veterans and their families and the policies of our parent organization, The American Legion. We encourage you to read more about our programs and committees. We are making an impact in our state and our communities every day!

Our main areas of emphasis are:

Support for Veterans and Their Families

Promoting Patriotism and Americanism

Promoting Programs Which Benefit the Youth of our Country


Americanism Committee
Chairman: Daniel Daily

Mission: to foster and perpetuate a true spirit of Americanism through the teaching and promotion of American values. We promote Americanism by supporting programs and organizations throughout the state. We provide flag education, provide proper flag disposal, and distribute flags at ceremonies and parades, as well as presenting flags to schools.

We sponsor Badger Boys State representatives, Boy Scouts, our Junior Shooting Sports program, and award our Sons of The American Legion scholarship.


  • 13 Badger Boys & Girls State sponsored, 40 Boy Scouts and 29 Junior Shooting Youths
  • 253 Flags Presented to schools, 5,726 at Cemeteries and Parades, 43 Color Guard appearances
  • 9 Flag Education Programs presented and 23 Flag Disposal Ceremonies conducted
  • 937 pints of blood donated by S.A.L. members
  • GRAND TOTAL of 18,307 Volunteer Hours and $17,141

Children and Youth

Children and Youth Committee
Chairman: Daniel R. Daily

Mission: to support programs and activities that are dedicated to the well-being of the children and youth of Wisconsin. We are a major supporter of the Child Welfare Foundation.


  • Contributed over $1,600 and 170 hours to the Child Welfare Foundation
  • Distributed over 350 GI Josh Dogs to children of deploying service members from units across Wisconsin
  • Raised $7,378 to other Children and Youth programs in our state in addition to dedicating 1,012 hours of volunteer service
  • GRAND TOTAL 1,184 Volunteer Hours and $13,188

Veterans Affairs

Veterans Affiars Committee
Chairman: Jim Wilhelms

Mission: to honor the service of those who have gone before us by supporting programs for veterans in Wisconsin. Our Veterans Affairs Voluntary Service volunteers provide assistance and comfort to patients at VA medical facilities.


  • VAVS Representatives at VA Hospitals
  • Conducted 356 VA Voluntary Service visits offering over 2,100 hours and $5,200 in support of patients at VA medical facilities.
  • Dedicated 1,000+ hours and $1,800+ of volunteer service with the Troop and Family Support Networks and Fisher House of Wisconsin
  • 293 hours and Field and Home Service for 538 Veterans
  • 441 Hours and $6,534 in other VA&R projects
  • GRAND TOTAL of 3,964 Volunteer Hours and $13,681

National Security

National Security Committee
Chairman: Gary Lubich

Mission: to manage program areas such as Civil Defense & Emergency Preparedness, Family Support Network, Foreign Relations, Operation Comfort Warriors, POW/MIA advocacy, Temporary Financial Assistance, and Troop Support.


  • Support for the National Emergency Fund
  • Conduct POW/MIA Remembrance Ceremonies
  • Provide support for strong National Defense

Other Committees:

Internal Affairs Committee
Chairman: Ed Ciechanowki

Internal Affairs covers such other functions not otherwise assigned, such as organizing the Detachment meetings, establishing the Detachment Legislative agenda, membership recruitment and retention, formulating policies, reviewing governing documents, and public relations.

Legislative Committee
Chairman: Chad Lawler

Legislative covers external legislative matters.  Represents the Sons of The American Legion, Detachment of Wisconsin in Madison while the State Legislature is in session. Considers legislative matters, makes recommendations to the Detachment Convention and Detachment Executive Committee, and supervises the legislative program of the Detachment. This person has exclusive responsibility for petitioning the State Legislature or Congress on behalf of, or in opposition to, all legislation in which the Sons of The American Legion, Detachment of Wisconsin is interested.

Membership Committee
Chairman: Rich Ruland

Membership covers issues related to the recruitment and retention of members of the Sons of The American Legion, Detachment of Wisconsin, and works with Detachment Vice Commanders and Detachment District Commanders.

Officer Development & Policy Committee
Chairman: Michael Lawler

Officer Development & Policy covers the Detachment Commander's Advisory Committee, National Officer Candidates, Detachment Officer Training, Standing Rules of the Sons of The American Legion, Detachment of Wisconsin, and the Detachment Uniform Code of Procedure for Detachment Conventions.

Public Relations Committee
Chairman: Shawn Grothe

Public Relations & Communications covers Press Releases, Promotional Materials, Publications, and external communications issues related to activities of the Sons of The American Legion, Detachment of Wisconsin.  He shall coordinate all communications with the Detachment Commander and Detachment Adjutant.

Finance Commission
Chairman: Tom Petrie

The Detachment Finance Commission covers the adoption of the annual budget, collection of all revenues, payment of budgeted expenses, disbursement of any funds and the handling of all receipts from dues, raffles and/or special projects and the preparing and reading of the financial status.